TerraCycle has transformed something that used to be only “socially good” into something profitable.

Profitability needs to work for everyone in the value chain:


The platforms they fund produce meaningful return on investment to our clients/partners through a variety of measures from driving increased market share and incremental sales to in-store foot traffic and employee retention.


Making all this come to life, from the strategy and science to the logistics and promotion, is a profitable business.


Hard to recycle waste is collected by tens of millions of people in cities, schools, businesses, and even at home. Incentives are provided, beyond the accomplishment of recycling, by donating money per piece of waste collected to their favorite charity or school and by incremental promotions to win everything from playgrounds made from recycled toothbrushes to gardens from cosmetic waste for a local community in need.

Entrepreneurs in Trenton, NJ have developed the science, technology, processes and mass logistics to turn what was once unrecyclable waste into value. Major consumer product companies are rapidly capturing this wave, finding that they can profit from recycling what could not be before.

Join us by investing in our growth.